Don’t like doing laundry? You no longer have to!

GLEAM Laundry Valet takes your laundry and does it for you so you can spend time doing things that matter. It’s simple, inexpensive and best of all, EASY. You send it dirty and we return it clean, smelling fresh and packaged-delivered right to your doorstep!

We are a proud part of the GLEAM family of companies where we specialize in niche services that give you your time back.

How It Works


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We deliver you bags
for your laundry


Place your laundry in
the bags and leave
them on your front
porch by 8a on your
scheduled pickup day


We return your
laundry to you washed,
dried, folded and
packaged the next day!



We will take all of your machine-washable laundry to our facility to wash it, dry it, fold it (hanging service available),
package it and return to you 48 hours later!



per pound

+ $6 Delivery Fee



per pound

+ $9 Delivery Fee

As Needed


per pound

+ $12 Delivery Fee

Dry Cleaning

We will take your dry cleaning to be serviced and return it within 48 hours. We hand press sensitive areas (around buttons, etc.) and use
chemicals that are less harsh on your clothes. Our process helps maintain the integrity of your garments!

Weekly Service Delivery Fee $6
Bi-Weekly Service Delivery Fee $9
As Needed Service Delivery Fee $12

Launder and Press

Men’s dress shirt/cotton button down $2.85
Jeans/khakis $3.99

Dry Clean

Men’s shirt/golf shirt/pullover/T-shirt $3.85
Men’s Dress Pant $3.85
Men’s Sweater $4.90
Men’s Suit (2pc) $10.15
Men’s Jacket $7.00
Winter Coat $10.50 and up
Women’s Shirt/ Blouse/Pullover $3.85
Women’s Skirt/Pants $3.85
Women’s Sweater $4.90
Women’s Suit(2pc) $9.10
Women’s Dress $6.99 and up


How do I pay?

We will email you your service weight prior to us returning your laundry to you just so that you
are aware. We will then run your payment after your service has been completed.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Customers who sign up for Weekly, or Bi-Weekly service sign up for a 12 week time period with
the ability to cancel any time. Read more about our service agreement.

Are there any fees to use your service outside of what you have listed on this site?

Absolutely not! We have done our best to make our pricing simple for our awesome customers.

Do I need to provide my own bags?

No way! When you sign up, we will have bags delivered to your door for you to use.

What if I go on vacation and don't need the service for a week?

Just let us know and we'll make sure to note your account. It's really that easy!

Do you also clean trash bins?

Well, we are glad you asked. We DO! Learn more at!

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Contact us about anything related to our company or services. We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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